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Retails & Touch Register Sys
Main features and specifications

The TE-7000S and TE-8500F combine a 5.7-inch wide color LCD with a powerful engine to achieve high-performance responses to all kinds of business needs. A multi-tasking CPU and 8 MB onboard memory optimizes peripheral and application software performance to cope effortlessly with the demands of fast-action work environments.

Easy, accurate operation is assured by the optimal, combination of a fast, quiet 58 mm built-in thermal printer with a customizable color LCD screen complete with an operation guidance component.

Graphics allow you to make your receipts more attractive including receipt graphic logos, commercial messages for placement just below the logo, watermark graphic logos and bottom messages. Other flexible options include a vertical, double height setting for easy-to-read receipt creation and journal compressed printing to save paper consumption.

It’s a simple matter to configure and install an in-house network
by employing LAN cables (CAT-5).

The TE-7000S and TE-8500F are equipped with four RS-232C ports to support a variety of available peripherals, such as a remote printer, barcode scanner, customer display and modem, as well as direct PC connection. A compact flash (CF) card interface is also available for data backup and program data restoration.

The large, clear multi-line color LCD provides at-a-glance readability and simple, accurate register operation

• 14-line, 40-character display

• Customizable LCD screen permitting color coordination with your interior decor.

• Three standard LCD screen color patterns provided.

• Color LCD with backlight and tilt mechanism for optimal reading angle setting.

• Display scrolling permitting easy access to registered items and accurate void operation simply by selecting the target item with the cursor.

• Pull-down group windows holding up to 40 items at eight items per page.

• Quick checking of sales data on the LCD during business hours.

Table Control in the Restaurant

The shared check tracking function employs master/back-up master configurations for efficient restaurant table control.

• An open check report shows the current balance of each check along with the check status.

• Receipts can be printed with the internal receipt printer or a shared remote printer, depending on the selected programming.

• Available functions include split check, add check, check transfer and clerk transfer.

• Closed guest check can be recalled anytime for the purpose of reviewing and editing.

Shared remote printer

The shared remote printer function makes it possible to print registered items on a remote printer, programmed independently for each terminal.

• Two external printer types, dot matrix or thermal printer are available for use as remote or receipt printers.

• A convenient grouping print format can be used to sort items into one or up to 99 pre-programmed categories, such as Starters, Main Dishes and Desserts. Kitchen orders are then printed with the category names to enable the kitchen staff to
identify items at a glance or in order of importance.

• A redirect remote printer function offers configuration flexibility by enabling users to change easily from one selected printer to another either manually or by scheduler activation.

• Priority printing of items to the kitchen/bar printers offer control of the preparation of items and orders.

Cashier Detail Tracking

The TE-7000S/8500F�s ability to track up to 99 different totalizers by operator providing management a means of keeping control of their sales staff. Sale totals, items, department/groups and function keys can all be tracked by operators.

operation supported by a color LCD and fast, silent printing
Time & Attendance

The TE-7000/8500’s time clock function offers management control over employee’s time worked. Additional controls offered through the TE-7000/8500 time clock feature include:
• Tracking for up to 99 employees • Weekly/bi-weekly reporting period
• 50 job codes • Ability to define the start day
• Pay rates of your pay period
• Work scheduler (required clock-in/ clock-out time by day, grace period, default job code)
• Ability to edit an employee time card • Extensive reporting

Mix & Match/Intelligent Coupon

Automate and control pricing charged on your combination item promotions with the TE-7000/8500’s Mix & Match/Intelligent Coupon file. Defining in the file the individual items in the combination, or the sub-department they are linked to and the quantity required will alert the machine of the item combination. Once the machine detects a defined item combination it will either automatically, or at the end of the transaction when the coupon number is entered, apply the pre programmed discount. It assures the proper items are discounted and the proper discount is being applied. The Mix&Match sales report provide the detail of discounts and coupons applied during the day.


Time Scheduler

Automate your frequently used operations through the TE-7000/8500’s time scheduler function. Based on time of day, day of week, day of month, any valid operation on the machine can be executed automatically through this function. Price shifts, menu shifts, program changes and reporting all can be automated through the time scheduler.


The TE-7000/8500’s IDC feature is an item specific electronic journal. This file provides the ability to track an individual item sales or individual transactions that contained the desired item. Management, through this file, can monitor a particular item’s activity by itself or within any transaction in which it is sold. The IDC can provide the customer a new item’s success and/or marketing an idea for a new combination meal by seeing what other items are sold with the new item.

Convinient Features

A Better Way of Viewing Your Operation
Key Features

• Scanning • Suspend and resume
• Stock control • Time and attendance for employee control
• Scan price encoded bar codes • IDC files
• Mix and match discounting • 8 price levels
• Bottle links • Accurate item voiding
• High-speed inline with Arcnet • CF card for program data saving
• Automatic broadcasting for data and restoration synchronization on multiple terminals

Peripheral Connectivity

The TE-7000S and the TE-8500F’s flexibility of peripheral connections
provide the ability to expand upon your business operations. Peripheral
connections include:
• PC/modem • Credit/debit/gift card • Scale
• Pre-paid card • Slip printer • Scanner
• External dot matrix • Remote display • Video surveillance
/thermal printers • Coin dispenser • Liquor dispenser

Back Office Software

The TE-7000S and the TE-8500F ability to interface to a PC directly or through modem via one of the machine�s RS-232C ports provides additional control on operations. Casio�s back office CAS Lite and CAS-SMS provide the ability to collect and print sales data from the machines, send and receive program data, automate communication operations and offer inventory control. In addition to sales information, data collection includes (IDC) for specific items,electronic journal, time and attendance offer optimum support for store management.


Powerful solutions for the grocery and general scanning markets
The TE-7000S and TE-8500F provide additional support for users in convenience stores,bakeries, small/medium-sized grocery stores, sporting goods stores, tobacco, liquor stores and more.


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