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Back Office Store Management

One Version fits all...

Powering up your productivity,we have included all features in one version to increase your efficiency of store management. Delivering the most powerful back office, inventory and reporting utility you can get on the market today, we have arranged a setup that can be adapted to the type of ECR solution you need, going from a simple maintenance and reporting tool, all the way to powerful inventory tracking and menu explosions.

Starting with TE-2200/2400 and TE-3000/4500, moving all the way up to TE-7000/8500.Last but not least you will also have the ability to interface with CASIO’s “touch sensation” QT-6000.

Warehouses/Stores start with an initial setup of two (2) and are expandable in increments of two without an expansion limit. Giving you total power for multiple ECR and Multiple Warehouse management, you can start with 2 Warehouses, and expanding without any limits.

Inventory is an included module that can be used at any time.

Scheduler (Unattended Polling) is included as part of the standard package.

Optional Module Accounts Receivable (Customer Control) is an optional feature that can be added at a later time if needed (Only with Super Board or MPS).

CUSTOMER / Accounts receivable tracking

Previously available as an external module, the new Customer Control and Accounts Receivable is now integrated in PCX1000.

Designed originally to work only with MPS and Super Board fitted ECR’s, you can now take advantage and use this optional module through the included Billing features in PCX1000. When used together with MPS or SPB, you can easily synchronize data with your PC via PCX1000’s intelligent system synchronization.Movements recorded at ECR and PC will not interfere with each other, helping keep your customer’s balance up to date in seconds without errors or confusion. All edit-able fields are also synchronized with your ECR. You can print out customer activity reports, account history movements, customer balances,or credit information. Assign specific categories to your customer (A, B, C, etc) helping you group customer in various reports. Setup a price shift per customer and printout a list to easily to keep track of all information. Use with one ECR or multiple machines connected In-Line. Setup a price shift per customer and printout a list to easily to keep track of all information. Use with one ECR or multiple machines connected In-Line. Export the data for your accounting or book keeping department by means of Tab delimited or CSV type reports.

ECR Setup Window

Notes & ECR-Setup Window:

When creating or editing a Warehouse or Store you will find a new window, showing important data on how to setup the selected ECR.

Each ECR model has particular notes and setup procedures.

We also provide important information regarding the IPL that has been tested and certified for use with PCX1000.

There is no need to seek about this information anymore. You will always find the necessary information for each release you install.

Easy to Pick Archived Reports:

This new easy-to-pick option will allow you to select the individual report (s) that you wish to reprint.

Other Features:

QT-6000: CASIO calls it the “touch sensation”. And we have matched the perfect back office an inventory software tool for the job! For a demanding hospitality market it’s the tool that can solve your customer needs.

PLU Assembly: Create in-house stock of assembled PLUs, from raw materials to final goods.

Replace Code: Whenever a code needs to be changed, it is possible to transfer all information (including historical data) to the new code you want to assign.

Inflation Adjustment: Easy way to adjust all inventory costs up or down when needed.

Purchase Order Utility for Handheld Scanner Devices:

New, purchase order generation from an external file. This allows the use of a handheld scanner (or scan-pal) to produce a purchase order and load it to the inventory afterwards.

Load from (F2), will open a window where you can select the file from which to produce the new purchase order document.

The Software Solution for Managing and Tracking your Business Critical Information

Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your inventory?

From products to vendors PCX1000 delivers integrated tools that eliminate complicated steps to keep an eye on your business. As the demands increase, PCX1000 can scale up to meet your growing requirements.

Tracking information that is critical to the operation and effectiveness of your business can be enhanced through a number of product features. Analyze data through various reporting and graphing features, including an ABC analysis of your stock, to help you maximize the efficiency of those “best seller” products.

When it comes to controlling and staying on top of today's lines of business, PCX1000 offers convenient features, such as item and department statistics, flexible and customizable reporting tools and graph generators. Time and attendance tracking, vendors statistics, and many more features all at the tip of your fingers.


Our new BROWSER feature, changes the way you previously searched for information on the database. Allowing for a fast and easy way to access, change and print out lists and save reports, this feature will surely turn into a “favorite” for you. This feature will allow you to search through the PLUs, Suppliers, Departments, SubDepartments, and Groups. Without any filter criteria, the Browse window will show you all the available data in your Ware-house/Store.

PCX1000 Menu Bar

Designed to be simple and always at hand, the PCX1000 Menu Bar gives you fast access to all the main features need in your business.


Create your own internal code and 2 additional ECR codes, additional space for description, all product properties available on one screen, statistics available by the push of a button, configurable PLU type for menu explosion capabilities.


Track your suppliers statistics on a monthly and yearly basis, automatically linked to your PLU’s helps you keep track of your costs.

Multiple Warehouse/Store

No matter how many stores you have, PCX1000 can manage them all, with a maximum capacity of 9999 stores. Each warehouse can also manage different ECR models so you’re not bound to have the same ECR family in each store. Consolidate all data into one single “enterprise-wide” report, or subdivide into regions, cities, etc.

Powerful Report Generator

Analyze your data the way you want. With a great variety of reports already included in PCX1000, you will have the option to customize each report the way you like it, and filter out the data you don’t want. Print to screen or to a printer, you can also export each report to a file, enabling you to send data to external accounting packages. Some of the available reports are: PLU Rotation, Below Minimum, Inventory, Links, Assembly, Expiry Dates, Cashier Reports, ABC Analysis, and many more.

Time and Attendance

Did you ever have to change prices on a 20.000 PLU database? This task can take you hours if not days. The longer you take to change prices, the more money you loose. With this new feature, now you can get the job done in minutes. Allowing you to select a range of products, all at once or filter them out by all possible search criteria, simply indicate if you want to change price, price + tax or adjust prices by margin %. It’s easy and safe!

SCHEDULER (Automatic / Unattended Polling)

This new feature will give you the ENTERPRISE WIDE POLLING tool you always wanted. Send and receive information from various remote Warehouses/Stores by modem, FTP or direct cable communication. Create your own BATCH tasks and poll locations by site, city, region, etc. Automatically send down program and price changes. No matter how many stores you need to poll, or how many tries you need to make when phone lines are busy, PCX1000 gets the job done. Fully detailed activity log is available after each Polling Task, so you don’t loose track of your data.

PLU Maintenance

With an easy overlook, the PLU screen gives you control over all the major aspects you need for your products.

Access to information is everythingthese days.

The PLU Screen gives you fast and easy access to all PLU linked information.

For easy view, we have included some additional tabs on the main PLU screen that allow you to get additional information one click away:

Classify your products by type, define locations, set a fixed sales price or let PCX1000 update it after each purchase, based on a specified margin on top of your purchase price. PCX1000 creates your purchase order automatically! Just define the minimum qty for your product, and when your supplier walks through the door, generate a purchase order based on your current stock. Products are automatically linked to a supplier when purchased for the first time. Historical purchase and sales information are available on the main screen for your convenience.

Look up additional information and historical data with easy access buttons, all available on the main PLU Screen. There is no need to jump back and forth between manus!

Quick Books Interface

Export your chart of accounts from Quick books and transfer your daily Journal
transactions easily to your Bookkeeping Software. Supports Quick Books version 6.0 and upwards. (Ask your dealer or distributor for pricing)


With a monthly statistic of qty and $ value, get immediate information of your sales/purchases with monthly, yearly and historical statistics for a total of 3 years, all on one screen.

Ever wondered what happened to a product? Who did adjustments to the inventory? What was your last sales price ?

The KARDEX or Historical file gives you all those answers and more. You have access to a complete transaction log giving you information like: transaction date, time, document number, transaction type, cost price, sales price, qty in, qty out, on hand stock, transaction value and most importantly who did each transaction by user name.

Keyboard Layout

It’s the “do it yourself” time for Keyboard Programming and Printing.

Other Useful Features

It’s the quality, not the quantity of the information that helps you stay on top of your business.

Import Export Electronic Invoices
Imagine you have ten stores, and they all get their stock from a Master Warehouse. Wouldn’t it be nice to send an electronic invoice together with the shipment, or forward it by e-mail? With PCX1000 you can create an electronic invoice when sending products to another store, and load them directly in the merchandise receive module. That way there is no typing, no mistyping, and your staff can dedicate their time to more important tasks than sitting in front of the PC all day.

Proforma / Quote
This module can be used for multiple purposes. If you run a catering service this feature is a great tool to prepare a quotation for your customers. Save it and change it as much as you need. When the final quotation is ready you can pull it up as an invoice and print it directly from your PC.

Physical Inventory (Snapshot)
Don’t stop your business because of a physical inventory. Keep the store open and when the inventory is ready, PCX1000 will run an inventory adjustment based on the snapshot you took on the starting date of the inventory.
ECR Communication
Send and Receive information from your cash register. You can either select ALL DATA or individually send or receive data from the cash register. Select X or Z report type when receiving information to clear sales data. Edit the logo message and trailer message of the ECR and much more.
Access Levels
This security feature will allow you to configure users for PCX1000 and set each persons access level according to their needs. Every menu option available in the software can be set to NO ACCESS, READ/WRITE, depending on security level you want to assign. Track every movement in the system, so you can look up the Kardex (history file) and review what transactions each user did.
Compact Flash Polling:
If you should ever have the need to poll a cash register supporting CF-Card Backup, and don’t have direct cable or modem communication to your machines, put a CF-Card to use. This option is as simple as polling the ECR over cable or modem. With just one step on each ECR you can consolidate sales data from multiple machines on one card, and then POLL the CF-Card at your main office.
Menu Explosion
Want to keep track of your food and beverage inventory? The Menu Explosion feature allows you to create recipes and keep track of all your ingredients as well as the assembled PLUs.

Enterprise Wide Polling / Scheduler

PCX1000 can work from a simple stand alone (1 PC) system, to a full Windows NT-Server LINUX or NOVELL network environment.

Remote and unattended polling allows a Central Corporate Office to poll via modem or internet (FTP), to multiple location stores. Collect sales information or send product changes, new price, new PLU’s, etc. All tasks can be pre-scheduled and executed automatically. PCX1000 creates POLL-FILES (PF) so that a Headquarter-PC can receive individual data from multiple stores with their own cash register network, allowing for a much faster and reliable data transfer (no more individual store-modem communication needed). Consolidate sales reports from various sites into single corporate “enterprise-wide” report. Unlimited warehouse/store capacity in PCX1000 allows you to subdivide into regions, cities or individual locations.

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